Polychrome Skull Rack, Southern Coastal region, ca. 1960s. Hand-carved from a single piece of wood, Known as an "agiba" depicting a stylized human figure with extensive decoration adorning the face and body and one plug of raffia hair on the left side of the head. Agibas like this example were traditionally used to store the skulls of enemies which were believed to contain power and given this, were thought to benefit the village community.
 23.2 cm x 64.8 cm
Private Collection Oregon, USA, acquired in May 2013
Ex-Dieter Schnurr Tribal Arts, Cologne, Germany
Ex-Gallery for Tribal Art, Australia
Ex-Peter J. Eddowes Collection, collected c1961-64*
*Mr. Eddowes was stationed near Rabaul in East New Britain from 1961 onwards and was the Officer in Charge of Wood Utilisation and Marketing at the Papua New Guinea Forest Products Research Centre from 1965 to 1981. During his time in New Guinea Mr. Eddowes amassed a substantial collection of Gulf Art.
Ex UK Collection
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