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Massim Spatula, Ex Webster Collection UK

An Early 20th Century Massim Spatula L32cm, Ex Webster Collection, number 6125. Purchased in London circa 1955 by Nils Lindhagen . Lindhagen became a licentiate in philosophy in 1941, Assistant Professor in 1944 and secretary of the National Association for Fine Arts in 1945, Assistant Professor at the National Museum in 1947, curator in 1951, Museum lecturer there in 1957–1958, first curator at Malmö Museum 1958–1968, Director 1959–1962. He was secretary of the 1948 Art Inquiry 1948–1956, the Swedish Commission at the Venice Biennale 1950 and secretary of the Malmö City Art Committee 1959–1964. He wrote writings on art history and art education subjects. Lindhagen is buried in Ängelholm's cemetery .
Ex German Collection
Price on request

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