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19th Century Fijian Yaqona Bowl D39cm, H16.5 cm- Ex East Coast Usa private coll.

  • Fiji

    Beautifully worn Yaqona bowl - Definte signs of use, adze carved, deep red brown patina.Restored.  Used in ceremonies to make Yaqona, 

    Yaqona - made from from the roots of the pepper plant , Piper methysticum. 

    " chewed, grated or pounded yaqona root is mixed with water in a bowl and the drink is served in coconut shell cups. the presentation and procedure of yaqona is an important customary procedure.."

    Ref. " The Fiji Journals of Baron Anatole Von Hügel 1875-1877 P461- Note 9.

    Jane Roth and Stephen Hooper

    Price on request


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