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19th Century Tolai War Club, New Britain L127cm

  • New Britain

    A fine very old widespred used 19th Century Bakul war club, varnished and shows signs of use as a close quarters weapon "used since time immemorial" as described by Richard Parkinson in his book " Thirty years in The South Seas" - page 57. 

    Ex Boris Kegel- Konietzko, Germany.

    Ex Private Begian Collection.

    Boris Kegel- Konietzko was born the son of explorer and art dealer Julius Konietzko and his wife Lore, later Lore Kegel. After graduating as a biologist in 1952 he further was attached to research assignments, first for the Royal Natural History Museum in Brussels to study fauna and flora in the side waters of the Scheldt (Belgium) and the Semliki River in Congo, Africa. The latter in 1954 on behalf of the Institute of the Parc Nationaux de Belgique.From 1955 he undertook research trips in the Congo, in which he acquired, in addition to furthering his studies, ethnological objects for the  business founded by his interim newlywed mother art dealer "Lore Kegel - Exotic Art"in 1935. From 1956 to 1958 he took over the management of the Zoological Garden in Brazzaville in the French colony of Equatorial Africa. In 1957 Kegel-Konietzko became a partner of the maternal company, which henceforth bore the name "Kegel and Konietzko - Exotic Art" . In 1964 Boris Kegel-Konietzko became sole owner of the company "Boris Kegel-Konietzko Ethnographica".



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